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Does Cheap Web Hosting Mean Low Quality?


Cheap Web Hosting

Despite investing millions to set up secure networks, companies of all sizes still face cybersecurity dangers. Hackers are able to obtain confidential data, financial data, and intellectual property as a result. To make matters worse, security operations centers (SOCs) may be inundated with notifications to the point where they overlook major assaults or only discover them after important data has been compromised.

The fully-managed solution known as “Advanced Web Hosting” (AWH) from Bohra Hosting can protect against the most frequent and harmful cybersecurity threats. Advanced Web Hosting is a discrete defensive perimeter that can be swiftly implemented to any site or application without having a detrimental influence on visitor engagement or experience.

Application Performance Monitoring:

 Provides operational teams and developers with in-depth knowledge and analytics of the apps they use to run on Crown peak. Our Advanced Performance Monitoring Software analyses ensure quicker application error diagnosis and the identification of possibilities to boost performance and enhance user experience

DDoS protection: A DDoS attack aims to use up all of a sites or application’s resources so that it is unable to handle genuine traffic. When an attack occurs at either the application layer or the network layer, BOHRA HOSTING Advanced Web Hosting instantly blocks the sources, ensuring that your websites and apps continue to function.

Web-application vulnerabilities:

Web app vulnerabilities are holes or weak points in an application or the supporting systems. This is known as vulnerability exploitation. These weaknesses can be used to break into systems and steal sensitive data. Advanced Web Hosting combines real-time HTTP/S traffic inspection, threat intelligence, and stealth techniques to find efforts to exploit vulnerabilities, block traffic from typical criminal activity sources, and lessen the amount of vulnerable data that websites and applications reveal.  Customers who use the Bohra Hosting Advanced Web Hosting as part of an application security program can safeguard their online experience.


Marketing and operations departments are still burdened by spam. Advanced Web Hosting lessens exposure to spam by combining bot detection and threat intelligence to block traffic from a variety of known sources of automated spam and cybercrime, from spam form submissions to the tainting of analytics and the subsequent impact on business decision-making.

Threat Intelligence:

 Advanced Web Hosting Threat Intelligence protects your sites and applications against known sources of malicious activity by combining lists from reputable sources with an index of known dangers that is constantly updated.

Choosing BOHRA s Advanced Web Hosting is Beneficial

The new Advanced Web Hosting from Crown peak offers several advantages, such as:

• Domain experience in cybersecurity – Crown peak manages all strategy, setup, and implementation, giving customers the level of security required to filter out hostile traffic while ensuring that legal traffic obtains access.

• Continuous evolution – As new dangers in the market surface, Crown peak remains ahead of them by creating and releasing updates as necessary, frequently in real-time. 

• Quick and seamless integration – Can be set up and implemented with little service disruption.

• Collective intelligence – Threat intelligence is pooled to allow a defense to change constantly. BOHRA will evaluate if the defense is applicable to a larger base after watching an attack against one client, and it will then make it instantly available to all customers.

• Customizable – Customers have the option of a conventional configuration or a unique one created, constructed, and managed by BOHRA.

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