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What is Shared Hosting Service

What is Shared Hosting Service (Bohra)

Each user receives a portion of a server where they can store the files for their website. Customers on the server share system resources on demand, and each receives a portion of everything from RAM and CPU to other components like the sole MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.

Positive Aspects of Shared Web Hosting:

If you choose shared hosting, there are several advantages. Here are some of the core characteristics of shared web hosting.

The Price is Lower:

The most affordable hosting option is offered by shared hosting. The costs of the hosting company are split across a large number of users who each contribute to the server’s expenditures. The cost of premium services with unmetered disc space, unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of websites starts at over $100 per year, while basic options start at roughly $30.

Being Adaptable:

Online businesses that are just getting started can start with a shared plan and upgrade easily if their site gets more traffic.

It’s Handled Professionally:

Shared hosting requires little upkeep. Web management is the most practical choice unless you are willing to maintain your own server. Leave the management of your web hosting to the experts – For everything from hardware upgrades and maintenance to software updates, DDoS attacks, network failures, etc., shared hosting offers qualified technical support.

It is Able to Host Dynamic Webpages:

Dynamic websites are those that change their appearance based on the user. Dynamic content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress and Joomla! Are used on well-known dynamic websites like Facebook, Quora, and Twitter. Alternative programming languages used by dynamic websites and CMSs, including Perl, Python, or PHP, can all run on a shared server.

What to Think About:

When comparing shared hosting companies, there are other crucial considerations outside only cost that must be made. In a shared hosting package, you should search for the following qualities.

Make assured uptime assurances when searching for a shared hosting package. You should accept 99% of a host’s response as the absolute minimum Speed Namecheap offers shared hosting, although many web hosting businesses cannot make the same claim. Speed Sites sharing a server do not affect each other’s speed and performance.


Make your choice taking into account the expected website traffic. Although it might be difficult to predict web traffic, if you for any reason anticipate a lot of it, shared hosting might not be the best option because you risk violating the provider’s fair use agreement.


The fundamental tenet of all of economics—which also holds true for shared hosting—is that resources are always finite. Examine the small print of the fair use policy when selecting shared hosting to make sure it fits your needs. If your website experiences heavy traffic, if users download a lot of files, or if a script slows down the server, for example, it will be problematic for other users.

Limited Customization:

This may not be the best plan for you if you have any unique technological requirements. Custom software is not permitted.


You shouldn’t assume support simply because this type of hosting is less expensive.

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